About The Woolf

The Woolf is an online magazine of new writing and visual art. Published twice a year out of Switzerland, we welcome short fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry and visual art from anywhere in the world. As long as it makes us howl.

While The Woolf you’re reading was launched in 2021, our roots go back to 2012. The original Woolf was founded, run and edited by authors JJ Marsh and Libby O’Loghlin to connect the growing community of English-speaking writers and publishers in and around Zurich. The digital newsletter soon became a packed arts and culture quarterly that also hosted competitions, events and workshops.

When the original editors decided it was time to lay the beast to rest in 2019, a few of the more impulsive longtime contributors begged to differ. And here we are.


Since 2021 The Woolf has been run and edited by a lean group of writers, artists, and lovers of writing and the arts. One of us was once called a ‘future destroyer’ at work – like that’s a bad thing. If getting this beast out into the world counts as a form of destruction, we’re all for it.

Susan, Coeditor & Creative Director
A Swiss native and Celtic spirit with a New York family, Susan is a multilingual communications professional, business executive, and language and tech nerd with a global mindset. In true polymath style, she typically juggles a multitude of projects at any given point in time with dozens of open tabs in her mental browser. She has written, ghostwritten and edited for several publications in English, German, French and Italian. She has also been a Woolf board member since 2016 and founded Invictus, the one-off literary and arts journal.

DB, Coeditor & Creative Director
DB was a contributing editor of the previous Woolf and coeditor of Invictus. Her short fiction, essays and offbeat appear in Stanchion, Litro, Bending Genres, Ellipsis Zine, Idle Ink, FlashFlood 2023, Reflex Fiction, Split Lip Magazine, Offshoots, The Weeklings and NBHAP. By day, she is an independent copywriter. By night, she ruminates and marvels at other people’s creative genius, especially when it’s shared with The Woolf.

Kristen, Coeditor & Creative Director
Kristen was walking down the street, silently counting her steps, when she got a call from DB insisting she (Kristen) join her (DB) in a new (renewed) creative venture. She accepted but is convinced she was only invited because she has outlandish ideas (constantly), swears (often), and dons wigs during Zoom calls (sporadically). She is a filmmaker, conceptual artist, essayist and all-around provocateur.

Roz, Front Desk
If Roz had her way, she wouldn’t even be mentioned here. She handles a lot of the queries and sometimes even social media posts but tries to avoid the spotlight. Old school, really. Roz might not even be her real name.

David, Resident Photographer 
David is someone who finds himself as an observer and recorder of moments relating to the human condition.