Choir of One

by Pavel Sfera

Some days you can’t people
so you rediscover the feel of music
to hear your own heart beat
mostly thumping

romance flows
eyes closed on the pillow
volumes slightly higher
you tune out
to tune in
singing in the back row
the choir
nobody knows you’re there
that’s the point

some days you don’t people
for yourself
a blossom erupts
your body the garden
the reconciliation
all is your brother
waiting for the campfire songs
layering the waves of sound

till then
people don’t people

Pavel Sfera is a poet who’s also a world-traveling artist, photographer, recording artist and humanitarian. His poems have been found in US publications of the Adelaide Press and the National Beat Poetry magazine. His travels have taught him to turn over rocks in life’s experiences, searching for deeper resonance to be played out like the left-hand lead on a piece of piano music.